Chocolate Cupcakes Alongside Raspberry Filling In Addition To Raspberry Chocolate Buttercream

I’m non commonly i to write the forever long recipe titles, describing everything that is inward a detail recipe. Not that at that spot is anything incorrect amongst that, but I mean value I’m merely also lazy. Short, unproblematic as well as to the point. That’s usually what I’m aiming for when it comes to recipe titles.

But I’m making an exception for today’s recipe. Because I merely couldn’t figure out a agency to teach inward to a greater extent than concise. You encounter – it’s non genuinely nearly the cupcake itself. In fact, I’m non fifty-fifty giving you lot a cupcake recipe today. It’s nearly the filling as well as the buttercream, but the cupcake is of import equally the vessel for the filling as well as the buttercream, therefore I had to elevate it. And since the filling as well as the buttercream are both important, I couldn’t teach out i off as well as exclusively elevate the other. So today, brusque as well as sweetness is non the cry of the game.

But delicious is the cry of the game. I don’t know what my obsession is amongst fresh berries lately, but I can’t appear to teach enough. And I couldn’t resist stuffing cupcakes amongst a fresh raspberry filling. I don’t frequently fill upwards cupcakes, but raspberries are definitely a delicious agency to teach when you lot produce accept that extra step!!

And since a raspberry filling isn’t quite enough, I had to add together a flake to a greater extent than raspberry to the buttercream. I commonly merely brand American buttercream for my cupcakes (since I’m lazy i time again), but this time, I decided to accept the extra fourth dimension to brand a Swiss meringue buttercream. If you’ve never made a Swiss meringue buttercream, don’t live on intimidated at all. It’s genuinely rattling unproblematic – particularly the recipe I possess got listed today. And the buttercream is therefore lite as well as silky as well as non equally sweetness equally a typical American buttercream. Trust me – you’ll autumn inward love. And I possess got never seen a fruit season added to a chocolate buttercream before, as well as honestly – I don’t know why. Because I loved that extra boot of raspberry flavor. And it’s therefore pretty amongst those niggling flecks of raspberry seeds running through it!!


  • 18 chocolate cupcakes, baked as well as cooled (see notes)
  • 3 cups fresh raspberries
  • 7 tablespoons sugar
  • 4 oz semi-sweet chocolate
  • 3 egg whites
  • 1 loving cup sugar
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 loving cup butter, softened but nonetheless cool, cutting into ½ tablespoon pieces


  1. Use a abrupt knife to cutting a cone out of the optic of each cupcake. Set aside.
  2. Combine the fresh raspberries as well as the carbohydrate inward a bowl. Use a fork or a Irish Gaelic patato masher to roughly crush the berries as well as combine them amongst the sugar. Refrigerate until needed.
  3. Melt the chocolate inward a bowl until smooth. Set aside to cool slightly piece you lot brand the buttercream.
  4. Combine the egg whites as well as carbohydrate inward the bowl of a stand upwards mixer as well as whisk to combine. Place a small-scale pot of H2O over medium oestrus as well as select to a simmer. Place the mixer bowl over the pot (making certain the bottom of the bowl doesn’t comport upon the water) as well as firstly to whisk the egg white mixture. Continue, whisking constantly, until the carbohydrate is dissolved. (To know when it’s done, merely set a small-scale sum betwixt your fingers as well as rub them together. If it is nonetheless grainy, function on to whisk for unopen to other infinitesimal or 2 earlier checking again. If it’s smooth, it’s skilful to go.)
  5. Transfer the bowl to the mixer amongst the whisk attachment as well as firstly to rhythm out on medium-high speed. Continue to rhythm out until the exterior of the bowl is no longer warm - it volition experience neutral when it’s done. The mixture volition live on thick as well as marshmallow-y (it may accept upwards to 10 minutes). Beat inward the vanilla.
  6. Change to the paddle attachment, as well as firstly adding inward the butter, i slice at a time. Continue to rhythm out until it all comes together. If it starts to hold off curdled, merely function on to rhythm out it as well as it should come upwards together. It’s finished when it’s thick as well as smooth. If the buttercream is runny, house it inward the fridge 20-30 minutes as well as whip again. Add inward the chocolate as well as rhythm out merely until combined, as well as therefore add together inward ½ loving cup of the raspberry mixture. Beat merely until combined.
  7. To complete the cupcakes, fill upwards the centers of each cupcake amongst ¾ to 1 teaspoon of the remaining raspberry mixture. Fill a piping pocketbook amongst a decorative tip amongst the buttercream, as well as piping the buttercream of direct house of each cupcake. If desired, direct house each cupcake amongst 2 fresh raspberries.
  8. Store the cupcakes inward the refrigerator, but allow them come upwards to room temperature for a few minutes earlier eating.

I used these Chocolate Amaretto Cupcakes, but these Eggless Chocolate Cupcakes are also a favorite.

buttercream recipe adapted from Baking a Moment

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