Easy Puff Pastry


9 ounces mutual frigidity unsalted butter, cutting into cubes [2 sticks + 2 tablespoons]
1.5 cups all role flour
¼ + ⅛ teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons water, really cold
¾ teaspoon cider vinegar

  1. In the steel bowl of your stand upwards mixer whisk together flour as well as salt.
  2. Cut butter into small-scale cubes as well as transfer it to the mixer bowl.
  3. Toss alongside your hands until the butter is coated. Cover as well as chill the bowl for only about xx minutes inwards the refrigerator.
  4. Fit the bowl into your stand upwards mixer alongside the paddle attachment as well as blend on depression speed for only about 1.5 minutes [the butter volition break]. You don't desire to overmix here.
  5. With the mixer running on depression speed, add together the water-vinegar mixture.
  6. In only about fifteen seconds, you lot volition meet that dough starts meeting inwards large chunks but it volition non await smooth. Turn off the mixer at this stage.
  7. Dump the mixture on your run surface that has been dusted alongside flour.
  8. Bring the dough together, working alongside your hands. Give a few whacks alongside your rolling pin, this makes it easier to curl the dough.
  9. Roll the dough into a rectangle.
  10. Remove whatever excess flour from the dough. Now brand a missive of the alphabet plication yesteryear bringing both sides of the dough inwards the center.
  11. Use your rolling pivot to bring together the 2 ends as well as brand a smoothen surface.
  12. Now plication in ane lawsuit again to shape a log. Cover as well as chill inwards the fridge for 20-25 minutes.
  13. Repeat this turning as well as folding footstep 2 to a greater extent than times, chilling the dough for xx minutes betwixt each turn.
  14. Wrap the dough as well as refrigerate for 1 hr or upwards to 48 hours earlier using. You tin give the sack too freeze the dough as well as it volition rest proficient for only about vi weeks.

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