Pumpkin Spice Cut-Out Cookies


I'm in all probability supposed to live cleaning or doing laundry correct straightaway but hither I am, cosy on the couch together with writing to you. Nothing too populace shattering, every bit usual, unless you lot intend baking together with decorating is inwards that realm of categories. Although non necessarily ground-breaking though, baking is definitely 1 of life's uncomplicated pleasures for me… And if asked (Oh did you lot ask? Ok!), what would you lot live doing if you lot could live doing anything? (Not including if you lot had a bazillion dollars), also hiking inwards the woods on a glorious sunshiney day, decorating cookies together with eating them, is at the transcend of my list.

And so, I'm thrilled to live sharing alongside you lot a novel cut-out cookie recipe, gasp! Truly though, it's sweetness together with spicy, perfect for autumn or whatever fourth dimension really; pumpkin spice cut-out cookies.


  • 2 cups, 454 g unsalted butter (at room temperature)
  • 1 cup, 194 g granulated sugar..

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